For Insurance Professionals

We manage your back office.

You are working hard in the field to generate business, bouncing between meetings and calls - knowing in your heart that there is a boat-load of documentation waiting for you at the end of the day.

We handle the details - so YOU don't have to!

Expertise and Diligence

Some of the minutae we take care of for you.

  • Meeting Notes have to be transcribed,
  • Customers need updates,
  • Forms need to be filled out,
  • Signatures have to be obtained,
  • Documents have to be collected

  • Requirements are 'required' by Insurance Co's
  • Commissions need to be tallied
  • Commission Share Agreements need tending
  • Business records are needed by the CPA
  • (Fill this blank)

Customize Your Service Package

Our Core Services

Policy Underwriting

Work with your clients and your insurance providers to manage paperwork, approvals and escalations.

Provider Relations

Work with your Insurance Provider companies to manage certifications, state appointments and commissions.

Records Management

Manage and curate back office records for licensing authorities, for state compliance and for your CPA

Your Lead Advisor

Beena Sinha

Your business will be managed competently by Beena Sinha, who is a Life Insurance Agent licensed by Texas Department of Insurance. She understands your business, your customers, your providers and the regulations.

License Number 2478261

National Producer Number (NPN) 19377706